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      Sino Biological Inc

      Sino Biological Inc


      Sino Biological Inc was founded in January 2007 in Beijing, P.R. China by biotech pioneer and worldwide expert, MIT institute professor, Dr. Daniel I.C. Wang and his former student, Dr. Liangzhi Xie. Sino Biological Inc is quickly becoming the leading global biological solution specialist, offering a comprehensive set of value-added and cost-effective premium quality solutions (services and reagents) to accelerate life science research and biological product development worldwide. Its customers include top-10 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, small biotech companies, and academic institutions worldwide.

      Copyrigth@Beijing ZEPING & Technologh Co.,Ltd.Add: 816, Gaode Plaza, No. 10, Huayuandonglu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

      Tel:400-8081881     E-mail:sales@www.jazzythreads.com   京ICP備08010843號-2